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I’m Cari Parker, a local mum of two teenagers.  I’ve worked in the catering department of a local primary school since 2013. More recently I taught an after school maths club for Magical Maths and spent a year working as an after school play-worker.  From September 2019 I’m taking over as the club coordinator, and have successfully completed a three day first aid course.  I love working with children, watching them problem solve and be creative, passing on crafting skills I learned as a child. I’m half way through studying for a degree in Education Studies and plan to complete my level three early years qualification soon.

I’ve been fortunate that my job has enabled me to be at home during school holidays, but I understand parents often struggle to find childcare during the holidays, particularly the extended summer break. Now my own children are more self sufficient, I have time to devote to local children, teaching them skills I learnt from my parents, grandparents and my working life.

I have an enhanced DBS check, level 2 food hygiene qualification and several years experience supporting and working with primary aged children.

Long term plans are to extend the holiday club to more age groups and provide even more flexibility for working parents.

Cari xx

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